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This Daraz course will teach you all the required skills needed when Make More Sale of your  website, including using the advanced options of Tools and Google Updates.

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About 90% of the world’s businesses have moved online. Traffic has shifted from physical markets to online platforms such as drawers. Having a store in the most visited e-commerce store is now more beneficial than having a store in a mall. A long-distance store is like any physical store. Buyers are always looking for ways to meet their needs. Start to sell on Daraz after this course


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Daraz Seller Course


2 Months


10,000 PKR


Lahore, Pakistan

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Want to start your own online business?

The current state of the private job market has disappointed many. If you want to take the initiative to build your business or start your own business online, don’t wait; start now.

Our eCommerce platform is ready to train you thoroughly and give you ample knowledge of drawers, through which your business can be established and expanded online with simple techniques.

We are introducing a Draz seller course in Lahore.

As the world moves towards digital dependence, there is no doubt that online businesses are the future of Pakistan. Do you want to be a part of Pakistan’s largest online shopping website and grow your business online to get the most out of Draz, One of the world’s e-commerce giants, with the acquisition of Draz by Alibaba Group.

 DARAZ Trainers in Lahore will let you experience what it’s like to work with world-renowned online commerce technology and logistics to make your business easier from the comfort of your own home all over Pakistan.

Draz Seller Marketing Course in Lahore

In this Daraz seller course in Lahore, you will learn topology and working plans that allow sellers and consumers to buy and sell easily. This course will also teach you how to manage your Daraz store, finance, product hunting, product sourcing, and many more strategies.

A short course of drawers strengthens your knowledge of the business. After this course, you can start your own online business with very little investment and low operating costs.

Why choose an online business?

It is the age of online commerce. If a person wants to do traditional business, he has to put a lot of input (which is still in danger) before getting any product. First, he will have to buy a shop or a platform to set up his business, and then he will need to promote it, which can take a lot of time and energy.

 Even after all this hard work, his company is in danger of flop. While no one needs to worry about the things mentioned above in online business, the investment should be minimal. In the last few years, we’ve seen how fast e-commerce has taken over.

Especially during the global epidemic of COVID-19, people have become more inclined towards online shopping. That is why we are training you to sell drawers in Pakistan to sell your products through drawers.

 Before that, it was less common. It provides a great opportunity for small and large enterprises to market and promotes their products among many customers without investing too much in promotions.

Around the world, many platforms offer to buy and sell goods online. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Flipkart, and Alibaba are examples of online shopping sites, while Daraz is the most popular app for online shopping in Pakistan.

What is the drawer seller mode?

Draz is an online e-commerce company in Pakistan. It is an online market and provides an excellent platform for buyers and sellers to trade products. Almost every type of equipment can be found there.

 But have you ever wondered how and where all these products come from? Well, the credit goes to the sellers. There are sellers on the drawers offering a variety of goods.

In the case of sellers, Draz Small Business provides a kind of online store where they can connect with different types of customers. However, to get the best results, it is important to use the drawer as a seller. Despite advances in technology, very few people still know how to use such apps properly to take full advantage of them.

One needs to be a supporter, and for this purpose, proper understanding is required, which Brand Locus ​​is offering in the form of a full-length Draz training course in Lahore. Brand Locus is here to guide you on all the dos and don’ts of using this app as a seller so that you can make your mark in the field of e-commerce online Draz seller course in Pakistan.

Online Draz training Course by Brand Locus

As the best training institute in Lahore, this long -distance training course offers guidance to those who need guidance on getting maximum consumer attention on their products. In addition, it will allow sellers to use a variety of techniques and technologies to increase sales of their products.

The online drop-in course is one of those courses that most training institutes do not usually offer, but Brand Locus educates and trains its students in the area of ​​their interest. For example, educated teachers and instructors will ensure that students learn every detail of the use and maintenance of their drawer shop by providing a drawer seller training course in Pakistan.

Not only for drawers but also this online drawers course in Lahore will be useful in polishing the overall business tricks of the learner. It will enhance your online business skills with very little input but will yield productivity. We also offer Draz courses in Lahore and Pakistan.

What You Learn inThis Course?

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